Honeycomb Core
Aramid Honeycomb




Impact-resistant with excellent durability. Widely used, particularly in the aircraft field



Aerospace field, transportation equipment, leisure/sporting goods, and others


High density, excellent corrosion and fire resistance (aramid paper having high strength and excellent heat resistance is molded into a honeycomb shape and impregnated with resin).
This product has acquired certification from domestic and international aircraft manufacturers as a material for manufacturing complex, high-performance structural elements by being bonded to a variety of surface materials, including composite materials such as prepregs.




Aluminum Honeycomb

aluminium honeycomb


Aluminum honeycomb has a lower relative weight compared to other metallic materials and offers excellent corrosion resistance. With its high reliability certified to meet MIL-SPEC standards, this material finds use in numerous cutting-edge fields.



Sandwich panel core material, flow rectification, impact absorption



  • ・Light weight
  • ・Excellent corrosion resistance
  • ・When used as a panel core material, exhibits properties such as high stiffness, smooth flat surface, and is light-weight
  • ・For honeycomb units, exhibits properties such as flow rectification, light scattering, and impact absorption
  • ・High reliability; certified to meet MIL-SPEC standards